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# [lars-relax][] # lars-relax
Thanks for starting a project with Haskeleton! If you haven't heard of it LARS Relaxation
before, I suggest reading the introductory blog post. You can find it here:
Before you get started, there are a few things that this template couldn't
provide for you. You should:
- Add a synopsis to `package.yaml`. It should be a short (one sentence)
explanation of your project.
- Add a description to `package.yaml`. This can be whatever you want it to
- Add a category to `package.yaml`. A list of categories is available on
Hackage at <>.
- Rename `library/Example.hs` to whatever you want your top-level module to
be called. Typically this is the same as your package name but in
`CamelCase` instead of `kebab-case`.
- Don't forget to rename the reference to it in
- If you are on an older version of Stack (<1.0.4), delete `package.yaml` and
remove `/*.cabal` from your `.gitignore`.
Once you've done that, start working on your project with the Stack commands
you know and love.
``` sh ``` sh
# Build the project. # Build the project.
...@@ -44,5 +17,3 @@ stack haddock ...@@ -44,5 +17,3 @@ stack haddock
``` ```
Thanks again, and happy hacking! Thanks again, and happy hacking!
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