Released on 14.09.2016 17:40 CET
  • Layout-Redesign
    • the views of the ontology debugger are rearranged and icons and buttons are redesigned
    • Note: Clients that used the ontology debugger v0.1.0.BETA have to call Windows->Reset selected tab to default state to make these changes visible.
  • Redesign of lifecycle of debugging session (Start, Stop and Restart Session)
  • Renaming of components (e.g. diagnoses are renamed to fauly axioms) make components more understandable
  • Fix for usage of anonymous ontologies: the user is not anymore asked to store anonymous ontologies created by the debugger (see Now only running debugging sessions are creating and using these debugging ontologies which are then visible. When a session is stopped the debugging ontology is removed.
  • Debugger tab has been removed. Debugger can be started in Tools->Debug Ontology...)
  • and many other fixes