A collection of publicly available inconsistent and/or incoherent ontologies.

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    vfb.owl is a huge ontology used for http://www.virtualflybrain.org - which is an · 7529cfed
    Wolfgang Schmid authored
    interactive tool for neurobiologists to explore the detailed neuroanatomy,
    neuron connectivity and gene expression of Drosophila melanogaster.
    Their goal is to make it easier for researchers o find relevant anatomical information and reagents.
    The ontology consists of
    - 672.720 axioms
    - 303.793 logical axioms
    - 82.757 declaration axioms
    - 35.485 classes
    - 56 object properties
    - 47.121 individuals
    - 96 annotations
    - 65.679 SubClassOfAxioms
    - 3.175 EquivalentClassAxioms
    - 63 DisjointClasses
    - 5 GCI
    - 2.144 Hidden GCI
    This ontology's version IRI is http://purl.obolibrary.org/obo/fbbt/vfb/2019-02-19/vfb.owl
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