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  • rmdb-protege5-compatible
    c987d402 · README.md added ·
    Release: rmdb-protege5-compatible
    Protege 5 has switched to Owl-Api version 4 after beta17. This shifth
    required major refactoring in the RMDB to still be compatible with
    Protege 5 beta 18 and so on. RMDB now is using the same Owl-Api version
    4 to be compatible with the most current Protege 5 build
    This version has been tested on Protege 5 beta 24 - SNAPSHOT.
    Building: Generate the jar with command line >mvn clean package and copy
    the generated at.ainf.querydebugger.jar together with
    ca.uvic.cs.chisel.cajun.jar from the project's root directory into the
    plugins directory of you Protege 5.